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"Is it real or is it a Bouillet?" - Bouillet decoys are made with all the realism
and all the detail of the real thing, but without all the maintenance. 

 Thank you for visiting our website featuring the art of Jules A. Bouillet and the artisans of the Shaker Prairie Shop. We have made the difficult decision to close our business and thus the remaining inventory is being sold until we run out of items. We will be updating the website periodically, but there may be items we won't have once an order is placed. We will contact you regarding the status of all orders placed until we finally shut down our operations. 
 The business was started in the fall of 1977 by Jules (Tony), his wife Suzanne Bouillet and family friend Bernard J. Verkamp. The idea of reproducing artist carvings was something new and the product was groundbreaking in the wildlife art industry. The business grew from a converted garage beside the Bouillet household in Vincennes, Indiana to a facility of over 8,000 sq. ft. with over 25 employees and produced over 15,000 decorative duck decoys annually at the peak of the wildlife art boom. The business sold to 500+ retail frame shops, gifts shops and catalog outlets as well as organizations like Quail Unlimited, Waterfowl USA, NRA, Whitetails Unlimited, Wild Turkey Federation and other groups.
Mr. Bouillet is one of the most accomplished wildlife artists ever, having won numerous Best of Show and People's Choice awards from several national art shows. His inclusion on several occasions as part of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (Wausau, WI) annual show and tour along with being honored as the Master Carver for the Waterfowl Festival (Easton, MD) are major accomplishments in the field of wildlife art. 
The business continued for 43+ years because of patrons that took an interest in the skilled reproductions of Mr. Bouillet's original carvings that were created with care and diligence under the supervision of the family. The Bouillet family and anyone associated with the business over the past 43+ years wishes to thank everyone for the kind remarks and patronage - it's been a wonderful experience and I don't think we would do anything different to rewrite the history.
 Best regards,
Brian Bouillet - President